Swara Sparsh(ସ୍ୱର-ସ୍ପର୍ଶ)

Broadcasting information will be published in WhatsApp and other Social Media platforms ! Upto a maximum of seven(7) vocalists have to sing in this programme.

Smruti Sparsh(ସ୍ମୃତି-ସ୍ପର୍ଶ)

Episode-1: Sri Rajani Mishra, Senior Vocalist : Broadcast on 9th Oct' 2021 by 9 AM & 6 PM. Special Interview...Permanently available in Sparsh Focus(Youtube): Click on the link here >>> Link

Episode- 2: Smt. Jharana Mishra....Coming Soon

Episode- 3; Sri Gopal Krishna Patro....Coming Soon

Episode- 4: Miss Mandakini Mohapatra....Coming Soon

Jana Sparsh( ଜନ ସ୍ପର୍ଶ )

Live Broadcasting from ground level. Coming soon....!